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Cash On Demand - Andrew Reynolds

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Andrew Reynolds is perhaps the most successful business opportunity guru in the UK.  He has generated over £50 Million...and he has not finished yet.

In my opinion Andrew Reynolds has THE perfect business model.  He has no staff to worry about, no office, works when and where he wants to and makes literally millions in profit a year.  I think most of us would love a piece of that action!

His sales material, whether it be a mailshot or an email campaign, are always full of biz op hype.  Flash cars, swimming pools, large homes everything that we all desire.  Now I don't really like this approach....but it works.  If I was going to promote an information product would I use the Andrew Reynolds copywriting style...absolutely!  You would be an idiot to ignore a proven formula.

Andrew Reynolds has made millions with this marketing technique, his Cash On Demand copywriting.

His cash on demand system is basically a blueprint of how Andrew has raked in over £50 million.  You pay £29.95 a month and receive a 60-100 page booklet covering different parts of his Cash On Demand system.  Some month's you also receive a CD, DVD's or a piece of software.

The course is designed to set you on the road to becoming an information publisher.  It has some really useful tips on joint ventures, re branding, copywriting, internet marketing, subscription websites and basically all the basics you will need.

As with all of these subscription courses some months are better than others.  I have read 30 of them.  My take is the first 12 or so are great and the following one's are patchier.  Having said that, they should give you ....if you have a pulse...plenty of motivation.

Sometimes when you are trudging down the business opportunity route you can get lonely and negged out.  Reading about someone who has been phenomenally successful gives you a boost, it lets you know you are on the correct path.

Another point that strikes home when reading the Cash On Demand system is that it's not rocket science.  With a bit of work..and everything takes a bit of work, you can make tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands from simple high margin information products.

And remember you do not have to create products to rake in cash.  Andrew Reynolds spent years successfully promoting someone else's product and he still makes millions a year doing just that.

In my humble opinion I would always rather learn from someone who has succeeded....Andrew Reynolds is drenched in success.

Until next time, be happy.


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