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Choosing a Profitable Domain Name - Part 2

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In part one we learned it was important to get:

  • A keyword rich domain
  • A .com extension when possible

So how do you get a .com if you're chosen keyword rich domain has already been taken?

With a little imagination.  We use extra words to get the domain we want.  Some examples are:

  • Info

  • 101

  • Secrets

  • Abc

  • Site

  • Here

  • By "Your first name" - This option can give a personal feel to the site

So in our earlier play piano online example we could have:






If you use any of these techniques always make sure you put the keyword first in the web address, this will make sure the search engines pick it up.

I tend to use the info at the end of my web address as my preferred option.  But as you can see there are many ways to secure that.com extension.

If you are still struggling to get your .com extension you could use hyphens.  The use of hyphens splits the internet marketing community down the middle. 

The nay sayers point out that people won't remember your site address with the hyphens.  That may or may not be true, but a lot of the time it does not matter. 

For many of my affiliate sites the visitors only come once, they read a review (say for a keep fit product)  and I point them to an affiliate product, the visitor then buys or does not buy the product.  They never visit my site again unless I they have signed up for a free report in which case I will be sending them messages which will include my web address.

Some muppets also say that Google does not like hyphens.  This is just b*lls!  A number of my sites that  hyphens rank well in Google and they have hyphens in them.  I also know a lot of hyphenated sites that top Google for very, very competitive keywords.

In the early days of the internet  most web addresses were advertised on TV and radio and a hyphen was not the done thing.  It sounds much better to say playpinaoonline.com rather than play hyphen piano hyphen online.com, which is a bit of a mouthfull if your trying to get the address out on a radio ad. 

But for us as pure internet marketers we deal in the visual written word not the spoken word so hyphens are fine.

There are also some potential advantages to hyphens.  Some people believe that it helps Google understand the words more clearly if they are separated by hyphens.  This has not been proven but either way I'm happy to use hyphens in my web address.

So if we go back to our original example of play piano online we now have lots of different options to try:




Or we could even add some of our original extra words if we are really struggling:



So as I'm sure you can see there are literally hundreds of combinations you can use to secure that keyword rich .com domain name. 

Here would be my plan of action step by step

  • Do keyword research, identify keywords and primary keyword

  • Try for your primary keyword with a .com and no hyphens

  • If that is taken, go for a hyphenated .com

  • If that is taken try the keyword with additional word e.g. Playpianoonlineinfo.com

  • If that is taken try hyphenated keyword plus additional word such as "info" or simply try the non hyphenated word with.org

Ninety nine percent of the time this will get you a quality domain name and a good extension.  However if you don't get a keyword rich domain don't just shelve your project, you can succeed without a keyword domain.  A keyword domain is good to have but it will not determine your success.

And remember with the exception of the keyword research this whole process will take minutes.

To actually buy the domains themselves you can go to many different merchants it does not really matter.  Most of the time I use www.godaddy.com, but if you do be aware that they offer you premium domains at a higher cost, in most cases these expensive options are not needed, so save your cash.

I hope you have found the two domain guides useful, if you have any questions email me and I will be happy to help.

Until next time, be happy,



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