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The Dropship Mentor - Dave Berriman

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The Pitch

Discover the secrets the dropship pro's don't want you to know and how you can start your own +£10,000 per month dropship business.

Dave explains how he went from working as a martial arts instructor (better not ask for a refund then. Only joking Dave!) to having a successful Import business.

Dave then found a better method, dropshipping.  You simply create a sale but never buy the product, just pass the sale on to your dropshipper who splits the profits with you.

Dave promises to show you,

  • How to test the market - Avoid mistakes that can LOSE you thousands

  • How to source products in the UK for FREE for HUGE PROFITS!!!

  • Learn exactly what to 'say' to suppliers to ensure you pay only 'Rock Bottom Prices'

  • Use his Ready Made email templates AND Phone Scripts so that you sound like a seasoned Pro

  • How to Negotiate With Suppliers And Pay Less Than Your Competition.

  • How to start on a 'shoestring' budget.

  • Where to sell your Products for Massive Profits

  • How to get your website in minutes even if you know nothing about setting one up.

  • What to say to drive your customers into a buying Frenzy.

  • How to get your customers to spend more

  • How to get your customers to buy again and again.

  • The drip technique - How to make hundreds of sales on auto-pilot.

  • How to sell your products without a website

 Dropship Mentor - The Pay Off

This is a really good guide to this business, very thorough and from a guy who is successful in the ACTUAL business he is promoting

It is always good when you can see real life case studies that have succeeded.  Dave has also shown screenshots of his success.  Brownie points from me Dave.

This really is an idiot's guide to drop shipping, it gives you everything from office supplies to cashflow spreadsheets. 

I know the dropshipping business works..and so do you now.  If this type of business opportunity appeals...and why wouldn't it...go for it.

Mr Berriman goes forth with my blessing...although he seemed to be doing fine without it!

The Safety Net

You do not get a much stronger refund guarantee than this one.

If you apply the Secrets of The dropshipping SYSTEM, use the techniques, and you don't make at least 10 times your investment in the next 12 months...he will give a 100% refund.

Click Here if you want to know more.

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