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eBay Classified Ad's Backdoor Profit Machine - Avril Harper

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Avril Harper is well known and well respected in both the business opportunity sector and the world of eBay.  In fact she is an eBay power seller...which means she is a bit of a black belt when it comes to eBay.

Avril's latest offering merge's two old markets, to make a new opportunity

First she takes the old classified route, which was perfected by Tim Lowe, but adds a twist.  These are classifieds on Ebay which cost only £7 for a full month.  I'm not sure there is another advertising medium out there that costs £7 a month, especially one where your classified ad is exposed to such a huge audience.

Next Avril throws our old friend ClickBank in to the mix.  She will show you how to use this technique with forty or fifty ClickBank products...so no website or "techy" knowledge required.  In fact this is an internet business that needs zero internet knowledge.

Avril estimates that each add can pull in 6 sales a month and around £145 per ad.  Not that exciting if you have one ad, but if you have twenty it would be a juicy £2,900 per month!

Probably the best part of this is you would be using the classifieds to build a target list for whatever you're selling.  Repeat sales are the only way to make serious cash over the internet.

Overall this product looks good.  But Avril does not show us any evidence that this has succeeded for her or anyone else for that matter.  Not a solitary screen shot or even a testimonial.  This makes me a little more nervous in recommending the product.

Having said that Avril Harper is well respected and the publisher is also top notch.  If it interests you, give it a whirl for 30 days and if it does not work out go for the 30 day refund.

If you have tried this technique, let me know.  Happy hunting!

Until next time, be happy.


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Keith Pitt (Uxbridge)

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