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Golden Joint Ventures - Jim Wallis

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Joint ventures, joint ventures, joint ventures.  You're probably sick to death of hearing about them.

Why do all the biz op guys bang on about them?  Because they work...in fact they are the lifeblood of the whole industry.

One of the biz op guys I know regularly makes £25,000 per week for simply sending out an email.  Heaven...or pretty close!

The great thing about JV's is that you do not need a product.  Let someone have the hassle of developing the product, coming up with sales copy and even posting the order.  You simply ride on their coattails.


But what if you do not have a product or a list, surely you're snookered.  Well no, you're not.

Golden Joint Venture's Without A List of Customers

Jim Wallis's Golden Joint Ventures shows you how you can act as a broker to bring together a product owner and someone who has a large email list of people who would be interested in their product. 

You get a commission for being the fixer, bringing them together.

Does this seem far fetched?  Getting paid THOUSANDS for introducing people, sometimes tens of thousands.  Well I can assure you it's not. 

Andrew Reynolds actively encourages his students to act a joint venture broker for him.  You find him a great product, he makes a killing (hundreds of thousands knowing Andrew), the product provider also is also swimming in cash and YOU get 5% - 10%.

10% not get you excited?  Let's put some real numbers in.  Let's say the product you found sells for £497 and costs £47 to produce and ship.  You are to receive 5% after costs, the remainder is split between the JV partners.

The list owner has 30,000 names and converts 1% to sales.  The two JV partners would receive a net profit of £60,750, usually within a week.  That's £60,750 EACH, from sales they would never have had without you. 

You receive £13,500 again usually within one month, for simply putting two people together.  You would be delighted and the two JV partners would adore you...quite literally.

This goes on every single day.  Not just in biz op world, but almost all markets.  The opportunities are huge.

Sorry I do tend to go on.  Back to the product.

Jim Wallis shows you step by step how to do this.  He shows you were and how to find the products that are crying out for JV's.  Where to find the guys with huge lists who can promote them.  And perhaps most importantly how to contact them, Jim provides template emails.

Although you will have to apply what Jim tells you, I know you can make a good income from this business.  And when I talk about a good income I mean six figures.

The product is very affordable at under $50 and comes with bonuses and a 30 day money back guarantee.

I would recommend you give it a go.  Knowledge is not only power in this game, it converts into cold hard cash.

Until next time, be happy.


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