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Search Engine Optimization The Easy Way - Part 2

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So hopefully you now  realise what SEO can do for you.  As a gentle reminder one of the biz op guys I know pulls in £80,000 a month from topping the charts for one seo term.  Now unfortunately I'm still a bit behind him, but the small amount of effort I have put in to SEO has put cash in my pocket. 

I now want to show you how you can use some simple techniques to fly up the rankings, drive visitors to your site and increase your profits massively.

SEO Insight 1 - A great URL (site name)

Put a lot of effort in to choosing a relevant website name.  Now I don't mean some fancy clever name for a business, but one that matches a user's search term.  We want a users search term in your URL's (which is your web address, remember you will have lots of these if you have more than one page on a site).  This may seem obvious but many sites have numbers, punctuation and general gobbledigook in their URL's.

Keep an eye on people's URL's over the next month, it will suprise you the vast amount of businesses who operate on the web who don't know what they are doing.

It is very noticeable that sites with users search terms in the title come up at the top of Google.  From Google's point of view it makes sense that if a user searches for "self hypnosis" a site called selfhypnosis.com is likely to be relevant.

If we look at the hypnosis example,

Search Term          
Site Google Position
Self hypnosis 
Learn hypnosis


As you can see the number one site in each instance almost always matches the search term.  There are clearly many other factors that influence SEO but a descriptive web address really helps.

If you have a large site it is worth making each article or category also match a search term.  For instance if we are in the self hypnosis market and we have a hypnosis for weight loss product I would name the page;


As you can see our URL (the web address) has a great search term within it.  This can only help Google identify our site as a relevant one for a hypnosis weight loss search.

As I said earlier many websites don't follow this simple rule, stuffing their URL's with numbers and punctuation.  This is great news for us, with a great URL structure and some of the other techniques I'm going to share with you we can leapfrog these slapdash sites.

SEO Insight 2 - Descriptive and unique page titles

Each and every page on a website has a page title and you have the ability to change it.  The page title (sometimes called the title tag) tells both the user and the search engine what your page is about.

Changing your page title is THE quickest and most effective way for you to shoot up the rankings

One of my sites did not even rank within Google for my chosen topic because my web developer  had my main page titled "Home Page" .  This is a typical mistake committed even by some hardened online marketers.  Not surprisingly I no longer use the services of that particular web developer!

After a little research I chose two keyword phrases I wanted to optimize my site for.  I changed my title page from "home page" to a title that made sense but incorporated both of keywords. 

Now remember I was not even on Google's radar at that point despite the fact that my site was a year old.  This one simple change catapulted me up above over 48,000 competitors  on one keyword and above almost 310,000 competitors on my second keyword.

 How insane is that! 

One change which literally took less than 5 minutes moved me from absolutely nowhere to the third page of Google for two different good volume search terms.

The page title is also very important because it gets maximum exposure in the search engine results page.  Below is the number one result when I type in "self hypnosis" in to Google.  As we know selfhypnosis.com is the top listing and this is how it shows in Google's search listings.

seo page title

The top line in blue is the page title.  It's the first and largest text a user will see, so it needs to make sense and hopefully catch the user's eye.  The one above is very effective for a number of reasons;

  • The page title includes two keywords they want to rank for "self hypnosis" (which they rank number 1 for)  and "self hypnosis techniques" (they rank number 4 for)

  • The page title draws you in as it mentions free downloads which is always powerful and it mentions self help which will be a hot button in this market.

The essential elements of your page title;

  • It should incorporate one or two of your keywords

  • It should be between 40 to 64 characters long including spaces, any longer and Google will not cut it off when it shows the search results

  • Make sure it makes sense and draws people to your listing
  • Make each page of your sites titles unique so you can optimize for lots of different terms
  • Don't just repeat keywords in your title page, it won't help and will turn users off
  • Make The First Letter Of Each Word Capitalised It Is Proven To Get More Clicks

I hope you agree none of this is rocket science... even I can do it.  But these simple techniques can really put cash in your pocket

So next time you name a site take some extra time and write relevant, short, punchy page titles.

The next instalment in the SEO series will give you more dynamite techniques to make you an SEO expert.

Until next time, be happy.


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