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Search Engine Optimization The Easy Way - Part 3

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So far we have learnt how important SEO is and two techniques we can use to fly up the rankings.  We will now move on to some other fine tuning we can perform to get extra visitors to our site.

SEO Insight 3 - Quality, Relevant, User Friendly Content

An important part of deciding where your page ranks will be your content.  If a user searches for "self hypnosis" and your page never or rarely mentions that term Google is unlikely to think your page is relevant.

So if you want to rank for a particular phrase make sure you use it within your content.  There is not a magical number of times a phrase should be mentioned but I would suggest at least six times if possible.

A word of warning here, make your content flow for the user and don't keyword stuff.  Keyword stuffing is when you  repeat a keyword to try and trick the search engines.  Keyword stuffing will have minimal effect on your rankings but will come across as unreadable to your user. If your user does not like your content they won't buy from you, this makes keyword stuffing counter productive.

If you have a site with more than one page (some of my sites are just one page of sales copy) another important consideration is new content.  Google loves new content, the more regular you add fresh content, the more Google will reward your site. 

Google gives every page a score called page rank, although this is not the be all and end all of getting good rankings, page rank does help.  If you want to check the page rank of your site just enter your address in the box below.

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:
This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

Page Rank goes from 0 the lowest to 10 the highest.  If you have a low page rank don't panic, I've seen sites with page rank of 1 top the listings.  Also even high volume sites do not necessarily get a page rank of 10, sky.com only receives a page rank of 7.

Going back to the original point, new, original, regular content will get you noticed by Google as well as delighting your readers.  Fresh, regular content is why blogs are ranked so highly by search engines.


SEO Insight 4 - Be Careful of Duplicate Content

I'm afraid this tip won't help you become a star of the rankings but can stop you making an obvious mistake.

Many people believe if they have one great site or webpage why not just duplicate it and get ranked twice.  Unfortunately Google are on to this and they punish duplicate content.

It is particularly important that you don't have duplicate content on your site.  This sometimes can happen by accident, you may have the same page with two different addresses such as  http://www.example.com and http://www.example.com/index.html

If you want to rank more than once for multiple sites on the same keyword you will have to rewrite some of the content.  You can use a writer from elance to spin (the term given to reworking content) some of your copy.

SEO Insight 5 - Use the Meta Tag Description

Another complicated frightening name for a simple function.  The Meta Tag description simply gives search engine's a summary of what the page is about.

Description Meta Tag's are very important because Google often uses them as snippets on the search result.  The Meta description is the text below your page title on the search results.  On the example below the page title is in blue, the Meta description is in black and the web address is in green.

click image to enlarge:
seo page title

When you are creating your Meta description take a little time.  It needs to intrigue the reader to click on your link, so you need to get in the head of the searcher and give them what they want.

I would say the self hypnosis description above is spot on, it mentions free product, hits keywords in the description and adds credibility by mentioning various media.  The description also flows nicely, a real sentence rather than a keyword stuffed load of nonsense.

Now if you were interested in self hypnosis for weight loss would you click on this link?  I think the chances are very high.

When preparing your description don't just repeat your title tag, this a wasted opportunity as they are likely to appear together.  Also be brief, you usually get around 150 characters displayed and that includes spaces and punctuation, use the space wisely.

If you can use a call to action do it, but not in an overtly sales way.  But if you can use "get free downloads now" or "free advice now" stick them in there, they will guarantee you visitors.  The word "free" is also a very strong motivator for searchers.

I hope you have enjoyed part 3 of the SEO series.  Next time I will look at the quick and easy win's that most people ignore.  In the meantime start making those changes to your site and please report back those successes.

Until next time, be happy.


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