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Pay Per Click Advertising For Massive Profits 1

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Pay per click is the fastest way to begin your internet business, but potentially the one that could cost you an arm and a leg.  Through my pay per click series I want to take you from the very basics right through to the advanced strategies that will allow you to kick the ass off your competitors

Today we will start with the basics, if you're an adwords intermediate it would still be worth skim reading the article.  If you're new to the world of PPC (pay per click) today's article will give you a general understanding of PPC and as the articles progress we will get more advanced. 

PPC as with all internet marketing is not as scary as it seems.   Guru's shroud it in mystery so they can sell you courses for £000's.  No need, read my full series and you will be good to go!

What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)

When a user does a search on say Google they are presented with a number of results.  Using Google as an example usually the first three results at the top of the page and the results on the right hand of the page are "paid for listings" otherwise known as "sponsored links".

The advertisers are bidding to appear on that page, usually the higher the bid (there are other factors which we will discuss later in the series of articles) the higher in the search results the advert will appear.  Your maximum bid is not taken, a bit like eBay your bid is calculated to beat the next competitor.  So if your maximum bid was $1 but the most anyone else was bidding was 70 cents, you would be charged 71 cents.

Unlike traditional media the advertiser does not pay anything to appear in the search results, it only costs them if the advert is actually clicked on, hence the name Pay Per Click.

Advantages of Pay Per Click

It has huge advantages for most businesses, but if you're the small guy working from home the advantages are even greater.  PPC is probably the best advertising method in the world, if you don't believe me just look at Google's growth!

The greatest advantage for the internet marketer is that the costs involved and budgets are set by you.  Want to spend a maximum of $5 a day, not a problem.  Imagine asking your local TV station or newspaper for an advert that cost you $5 a day, they would laugh you out of town.

So with your $5 a day budget Google switches off your advert once you have reached your budget (some days they may go over but in a 30 day period they even it out).  You can change this budget in minutes so if it's not working you can either amend the campaign or stop it all together.  Compare this to print advertising where you usually have to lock in to several adverts to get the best deal.

You control the cost of even detailed parts of your advertising (usually called a campaign) bidding different amounts for varying keywords.  This allows you to compete very aggressively for keywords that match your offering closely and paying less for less important keywords.

With PPC you are truly in control of your own costs and can tweak these by the week, day or even hour.

Probably the most revolutionary aspect of PPC is the fact that you only pay for results.  If you pay for an ad in a national newspaper you never know how many people will actually turn to leads, either by ringing you or visiting your website or store.  With PPC you ONLY pay if someone clicks on your advert taking them to your website.

Let's say you produced the world's worst ad and you placed it in the paper resulting in zero sales, this would still cost you the same as a great ad.  If you produced the world's worst PPC ad (as I did in the early days) and nobody ever clicks on it, your cost would be zilch.  In reality someone will always click on your ad, but I'm sure you see what I'm driving at.

I guess what I'm trying to say is PPC is mirrored very closely to your actual results.  If your product and website converts PPC really is a results driven advertising programme... that's why it's so popular!

A massive benefit of PPC is that only people who are interested in your type of product will actually see your ads and you can control how strong that interest is through your campaign (more of which later in the series). 

If you're selling a dietary supplement only people who type in "diet pills" will see your ad, providing you set up your ad correctly, we will cover this later in the series.  You get absolutely razor sharp targeted customers seeing your ads and these are the people who are clicking through to your website, absolutely incredible!

Control and flexibility of the ads is also a huge advantage with PPC.  You can actually split test your ads very simply.  Basically you can write two ad's and Google will either work out which one is best and show that one the most often or it will show both ad's an equal amount of times and you decide which is the best performing ad.

This flexibility also extends to smaller elements of your campaign including which search phrases (keywords) you want your ad to show up for or how much you want to pay for them.  Little tweaks here and there can make an unsuccessful campaign insanely profitable.  This type of control does not exist in any other type of advertising.

The one thing that internet marketers particularly like about PPC is that it's instant.  You can whack up a webpage today and have traffic hitting it within hours.  This can give you instant feedback about your keyword research, product offering or your site itself.  And if you have these elements in place you can be making money almost instantly.

Nothing beats the sound of an order coming through within hours of you setting up a campaign... believe me you will bore everyone to death when that first order lands!

So in summary PPC gives you:

  • Total control of your budgets, allowing you to start advertising even with a tiny budget
  • The ability to micro manage your advertising in real time for maximum results
  • A results driven marketing campaign, you only pay when a searcher clicks
  • Only people who are interested in your niche see your ad's giving targeted traffic
  • The ability to run two ads and get feedback on which one works best
  • An instant business, you can be earning in a matter of hours
Hopefully you now have a basic understanding of Pay Per Click, if not don't worry I'm sure it will become clear as we go through this series of articles.  Next in the series I'm going to show you how you can use PPC to grow your database or list of subscribers in record time and make money while you do it!

Until next time, be happy.


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