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Pay Per Click Advertising For Massive Profits 2

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Last time out we learned some of the basic principles of Pay Per Click advertising.  Later in this PPC series I'm going to make you pretty much an expert in PPC, giving you insider strategies that have taken me years to perfect.  But today I'm going to show you how PPC can make a difference to your business and bring you a great income, even if you don't have a list.

Internet Marketing - It's All In The List

You may have heard the term "It's all in the list".  It basically means that to make money on the internet you need a database or list that is targeted to your niche.  Although I wouldn't agree that you need a list to be successful on the internet, it does make it a hell of a lot easier.

If you had a site that reviewed hypnosis products and you had a list of 50,000 targeted buyers do you think you would make a living?  Absolutely, you would make a bundle.  Joint Venture partners would find you, desperate to promote their products to your list.  You could become an affiliate and send out products that you make a share of the profits from.  People would pay to advertise in your Ezine.  The list of money making opportunities is endless.

I have mentioned before one particular UK internet marketers had a list of 18,000 people and promoted someone else's product to it.  He raked in £25,000 personally for one email that did not cost him a penny.

Another UK internet marketer promoted to a list of less than 1,500 and made over £30,000 in a day.

So put your hands up if you want a list!  Yep, me to.

A list is a great asset because although it can cost to grow the database it keeps giving back as you use it again and again

I'm going to show you how to use PPC to grow a list of 18,000 targeted people in twelve month's... heck you could do it in six months, but let's walk before we can run!

There are many ways to grow a list that I outline on the site, so after reading this article if you're interested in other strategies go to Get Killer Web Traffic.


The foundation of any internet marketing is research.  If you look on the site you will see a ton of information on keyword research so I'm not going to go over old ground now.  However you should spend time digging those foundations finding the best keywords for your campaign.

If you're willing to invest a bit of cash into your business (why wouldn't you!) you can shortcut the research with a really cool PPC research tool called KeywordspyKeywordspy
basically tells you what keywords your competitors are bidding on and even shows you all their adverts!  Now I warn you this tool is only if your serious about your internet marketing business, if your at the "playing around" stage give it a miss. There are probably other tools out there but this is the one I use and I think it's amazing.

Before we delve into Keywordspy we would do a search on a particular keyword such as "learn to play piano".  We then look at the results and check out the competition.  Choose a competitor who offers similar products to you and make a note of their web address.  These competitors experience will form the basis of our campaign, if they are regularly advertising using these keywords it's likely they are making cash... so we're not going to reinvent the wheel!

keywordspy play piano image

To begin your campaign I would choose 6 or 7 keywords that your competitor ranks in the top 7 places for.  If they are in the top seven it means they are likely to be driving traffic and sales.

We would now set up our adwords campaign.  Today I'm not going to go through the details of the does and don'ts of an adwords campaign, this will come later.  If you don't follow any of this remember the next few articles will give you the knowledge to become a PPC master.

If we were to start a quick and easy campaign for the term "learning to play piano" we would set up a campaign like the one below;

learning to play piano     -  This is known as a broad match

"learning to play piano"   - This is known as a phrase match 

[learning to play piano]    - This is known as an exact match


For now don't worry what broad, phrase and exact match means we will cover this in depth later in the series.

What is important is that we recreate the above step with our top six or seven keywords we "stole" from our competitors.  By using only these few proven keywords are campaign will be tightly controlled and more profitable than if we had generated a mass of keywords.

Campaign Budget

Your campaign budget will be either what you can afford or with a particular goal in mind.  For this campaign our major goal is to build our list to 18,000 subscribers over a twelve month period.  Remember that 18,000 list produced one marketer £25,000 from one email, so it's a great target.

Let's break that down to a weekly target of 346 subscribers (1,500 subscribers a month divided by 4.33 weeks per month).  Now not everyone who clicks on our link is going to complete our squeeze page or if you don't have a squeeze page take advantage of a free report.  Let's assume 40% of the clicks leave their email, you may get higher or lower depending on the quality of your page.

So we need 346 subscribers divided by 40% = 865 clicks per week

So we need 865 people per week to click our targeted PPC ad giving us 346 subscribers.

Next we need to estimate how much a click will cost us, we can use keywordspy once again which told us our competitor was paying an average $0.44 per click. 

You can also use Google's keyword tool to get an idea of cost per click for each individual keyword.  From my experience the price Google quotes is a lot higher than it ends up being, I would take off 15% - 25% off the quoted cost.

So we now know it will cost us 865 (clicks needed per week) X $0.44 (Average cost per click) = $380.60 per week or a daily budget of $54.37.

Our competitor is actually paying per day $56 a day which is spookily close to our target!  This is a coincidence I promise!

A Pay Per Click Investment

So for $54.37 a day, which at the time of writing is almost £33 after one year you could have gained 18,000 targeted subscribers for our piano playing niche.

From absolutely nowhere you have become a serious player in the "learn piano niche".

I know what you're thinking, you don't want to shell out £33 a day so you can make money in a year's time.  And you would be spot on!  There would be no point at all in just accumulating a list for future use and I would never give you such an expensive blueprint.

Here is how you would finance your Pay Per Click profit machine.  You start with no list but use the strategy below:

  • Your PPC campaign costs you £231 per week
  • You gain 346 subscribers a week
  • Your website is a review site for Piano courses detailing the best courses on the net
  • You sign up as an affiliate to courses in this niche
  • 1% of your traffic buys instantly (they are looking to learn piano after all)

You send one email every week with some interesting information regarding piano playing (get someone else to write these emails via out sourcing).

You promote affiliate products via email once every 4 weeks (in reality you would look to promote more often than that) with a 1.5% conversion (which is realistic).  But for the purposes of this exercise I'm going to half that to take in to account people unsubscribing and older names not being so responsive.  So we are using 0.75% response to email affiliate promotions.

Your income will now depend on the level of commission you earn.  The first affiliate product that I came across had a great sales page and paid between $27 and $56 for its downloadable products and $65 for its standard physical product.  So let's say our average commission is around $50 or £30 which seems a fair assumption.

Let's take a look at your costs over four months:


                                  Month 1   Month 2   Month 3   Month 4

New subscribers          1,498         1,498      1,498       1,498

Total Subscribers        1,498          2,996      4,494       5,992

Cumulative PPC Cost  £1000         £2,000    £3,000      £4,000

So the good news is we have created a really good targeted list of 5,992 subscribers from absolutely nowhere.

The bad news is we are in a blackhole to the tune of £4,000... but that's assuming we have not made a penny!

Our income would look something like this:

                             Month 1   Month 2   Month 3  Month 4

Total Subscribers     1,498       2,996      4,494      5,992

Initial sales @ 1%    15           15           15           15

Sales from email      11           22           33           44
promo @0.75%

Total sales               26           37           48           59

Affiliate                   £780        £1,110     £1,440      £1,770
Commission @ £30

Cumulative            £780        £1,890     £3,330      £5,100            

The investment doesn't look so scary know does it?  Let's look at how profitable the campaign is on a cumulative basis:

  • At the end of Month 1  we have a loss of £220
  • At the end of month 2 we have a loss of £110
  • At the end of month 3 we have a profit of £330
  • At the end of month 4 we have a profit of £1,100
By month twelve you would be bringing in nearly a 150 sales a month and affiliate commissions of £4,410 a month! 

A tidy profit considering you started out without a list and you don't own a product.

So by month twelve we have a monthly profit of £3,410 a month and growing just for sending out a few emails.  This assumes you only promote something once a month.  If you promote an affiliate product twice a month (which is the norm) your profits would shoot up to £7,370... now we're talking!

Would you be willing to invest a bit of time and money to have a business that brought you in over £7,000 a month profit for a few hours work?  If the answers no you're in the wrong place!

Once you have got your 18,000 subscribers if you could find a high ticket related affiliate product that paid you £100 per sale I would expect you to pull in at least £18,000 from one email

This may seem unbelievable but as you know this happens every day on the internet.

Imagine how you would feel making £18,000 in one day.  A bit like a five year old on Christmas morning.

So I hope you can now see what Pay Per Click advertising can do for you.  In the next few articles I'm going to turn you into a PPC master, so if you want to follow the model we have discussed today make sure you keep reading!

Until next time, be happy.


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