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Price Comparison Profits - Canonbury Publishing

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The Pitch

How to pluck £24..£37..£60..even £1,296 from the internet.  All this without affiliate marketing, Google or eBay.

Canonbury show you how many companies use certain items as loss leaders.  This is where they sell a popular product at loss in order to entice you to their site or store in the hope you will buy more goods.

By using price comparison websites you can find these loss leaders.  You simply buy them and then sell them through one of the many marketplace websites out there.

Some of the main claims are
  • Secrets of the price comparison websites revealed
  • Revealed - how to claim an "unwanted" profit margin from scratch
  • The simple 11 step checklist that will tell you whether a margin trade is worth it or not
  • The 9 profit-sucking trap doors to avoid when profit margin trading
  • How you can be a profitable margin trader without ever handling, storing or shipping any products yourself...
  • How you can "forward-sell" products you haven't even bought yet!
  • The  7 top price comparison website buying tips
  • How to get the best money grabbing deals to find YOU

Price Comparison Profits - The Pay Off

The sales copy gives lots of real examples of real products and the margins you can make.  One from the sales copy...

You find an apple MacBook Air 1.6 Ghz.  You buy it for £899, then sell it for £2,195.  A profit of £1,296.

Well this all sounds very good but I am sure that sort of example happens once in a blue moon.  However and there is a BIG however, I like the system.  I like it a lot...I'm even going to do it myself.

I actually have a friend in the employed world who does exactly this on a small scale...and that is without all of this knowledge.

The only risk you have...if you are anything like me, is that you keep all the products.  Sorry I am a retailers dream!

We salute you Canonbury, a winner.  Thumbs up.

 The Safety Net

Canonbury are very reputable and the product comes with a risk free trial.

Until next time, be happy,


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