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Profit Portal - Bob Ryan, Lifetime Enterprises

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This has all the hallmarks of a good pitch...lots of cash...and no work

You always have to think twice when someone promises software that does all the work and you just collect the cash.  My BS antenna goes in to overtime!

If you had some software that instantly created profits guaranteed, you would either guard it with your life...or sell it for tens if not hundreds of thousands.

Bob is willing to give you some software that builds a web page for you and stuffs it with Google adsense and affiliate links.

Profit Portal - Adsense & Affiliate Nonsense?

Now make no mistake you can make cash from adsense and affiliate links, no two ways about it. 

In fact go back several years and some people were bucking the system and making tens of thousands every month from adsense. But can software do all the work for you?

My personal opinion is no.

For starters to make any cash from adsense you need traffic and a lot of it.  Traffic is rarely "automatic" even if your a seasoned, war torn veteran. 

I have seen a similar pitch to Profit Portal before from Americans, even promising this kind of software.  The feedback I got was that it worked very short term..and then the sites would get shut down by Google.  Those kids at Google are pretty smart!  The guy I know shelled out thousands and literally got cents back in return.

Now I'm not saying Bob's system is the same as the Americans but...I just do not see it working.

If you want to make from the internet it can be done, there's walking talking proof everywhere.  But you need to learn a bit of your craft, do your apprenticeship...then you get the big bucks.

To be honest anything with automatic profits get's my goat.  So apologies if I come across a bit grumpy!

If any of my readers have tried it, let me know.  I have been wrong before!

Until next time, be happy.


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