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Sold, Dispatch Now! - Sharon Fussell - Canonbury Publishing

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The Pitch

If you can free up just one hour each evening, Sharon will show you how to make £200-£300 every week....selling books other people throw away.

Sharon claims to have helped thousands of people to make money from home and has photo testimonials to back up her claims.

Most importantly Sharon makes over £26,000 per year from this part time business.  She has even bought some books for 2p and sold them for over £25!

Sharon claims you DO NOT need start up cash, storage space or do any face to face selling. 

Sharon will show you,

  • What type of books you must NEVER buy

  • Her entire list of bestselling books that you can use to make an absolute fortune, guaranteed

  • How to use a magic 10 digit number that will GUARANTEE a profit on the books

  • How to get super-cheap postage rates

  • How to spot genuine first editions that can make you upwards of £30-£100 a go

  • The 8 'Get great feedback' rules

  • How and where to find 500 of the most in-demand best-selling books that have fantastic resale value from £9 up to £5000!

Sharon is offering her tried and tested blue print that she has perfected over 3 years.

Sold, Dispatch Now - The Pay Off

I love it....there I have said it.  No messing around, I think this is a great product.  I  knew Amazon was  huge but I did not realise they sell over £300 million worth of used books a year.

The sales page is totally credible with Sharon staring down on us as well as some of her students who are also doing well.

It's  true this will not make you rich...but it could give you a good part time income with which to launch your biz op empire. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Great now I've got that out of the way where is the wife...she will have to Sky plus Desperate Houswives...she has some books to sell.

The Safety Net

The usual one month guaranteed refund from Canonbury.  You will have no worries getting your money back.

Until next time, be happy,


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