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The Public Domain Instant Profit System Reviewed

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The Public Domain Instant Profit System has been promoted by a lot of internet marketers recently.  And as a result many of you have asked me to take a look.

The Public Domain refers to books, images and music that are out of copyright.  This means you can publish these works as your own and take all the profits.

There are thousands of works in the Public Domain and I've used some of them myself as bonuses for my subscribers in other niches.  Some of these Public Domain works sell in their thousands even today.

Many of the biggest internet marketers out there sell Public Domain works, in fact Andrew Reynolds recently launched a Public domain product as a monthly subscription product at £99 per month.

So the Public Domain can be very profitable.

The Public Domain Instant Profit System Pitch

  • They will give you 3 pre packaged eBook businesses

  • 3 Fully ready to go websites, with professional images and Email sign up box

  • A professional sales letter to sell your products

  • They will also show you how to source your own public domain products

Public Domain Instant Profit System - My Concerns

This package will appeal to many newbie internet marketers but very few seasoned, battered veterans like me.  And the reason for this is simple...

Newbie's obsess about not having a product to sell, experienced internet marketers know this is the easiest part of the puzzle.  So this product appeals to the newbie because they get the product and a website (another scare for newbie's) ready to go.

Now the BIG problem with all of this has been pre-empted by the two Neil's.

How do you market your site?

The real skill in internet marketing is getting targeted visitors to your site.  The Public Domain Instant Profit System does give you training on getting visitors to your site...

The effectiveness of this training is crucial to your success.  If you can't attract visitors you're not going to get any sales.  Harsh but true.

I have not seen the traffic generation strategies that the two Neil's teach, but if you're struggling for ideas visit my free membership site on the right hand side of this site.  To become a member all you have to do is claim a copy of my free money making report which is up on the top left hand side.

My final concern is a BIG one.  Duplicate content.  If you are receiving the same website as hundreds of other people (or even one other person for that matter), Google is going to give you one huge slap.

Google detests duplicate content and your site will be the exact duplicate of many other sites.  This will mean Google will NOT put you in their rankings.  If you're not ranked in Google you have just given yourself one hell of a handicap.

The other so called Guru's who are reviewing this product won't tell you this, but i will because i want you to have all the facts.

Ninety percent of ALL my traffic comes from Google natural search results, you won't get any of this pie.

So I have mixed feelings about The Public Domain Instant Profit System.  It is tapping in to what can be a very lucrative market and the publishers have been successful with Public Domain products.  But you are going to have the same website as many other people which is going to cost you with Google.

You can still make money with these sites but I think you may have an uphill battle.

If you have bought the course please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.


Until next time, be happy,



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