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Wade World Trade's - Import/Export Course

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The Pitch

How to get started in the lucrative business of Import/Export without a penny in capital (and without leaving home).

Wade World trade explains, the beauty of Import/Export is that it offers the potential for substantial profits with absolutely no risk and relatively little effort. There is nothing complicated or mysterious about it, either. 

They promise to show you,

  • How to find manufacturers and producers offering the right product at the right price.

  • How to identify hot prospects - that's to say, really keen buyers.

  • How to close a deal between the two with minimum time or effort on your part.

  • How shipping is arranged.

  • How to sort out the relevant paperwork.

The sales copy also shows some photo testimonials of people who have actually made money from the business.


The Pay Off

The sales copy is very under played...very unusual in the biz op world!

This course gives you a complete guide to this type of business, perfect if you are new to this type of business opportunity.

This is how the business works.  You find a good product, often in Asia, you put them together with an importer, then you take a commission....usually 5%-10%.  You then sit back and watch the money coming in.

Can you make money?  In my view - yes!  It will not be easy, but with a little research and some effort you can have the money rolling in.  Be warned this will not work without effort...but if you have the bit between your teeth, this could work for you.

Until next time, be happy.


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